National Seminar in Craiova, 25 February 2017

The event was delivered  for  36 stakeholders  Nursing schools managers , nurses, managers, experts or trainers from  organizations health care , decision-makers, governance at the regional level.

The topics of the seminars may included:

  • Presentation of the, the main results of the project , training model and  the learning platform;
  • Presentation of the MOOC and a  workshop on how to use it;
  • Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;
  • Collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs by administrating evaluation questionnaires to the participants.

Key speakers from Dloj region  School Inspectorate  and Romanian Nurses Assoc iation were invited.




Using the Learning tools   uploaded on the Slideshare channel,, an  easy to navigate Online course  was created  on the website.

The Course addresses the  foreigner and migrant caregivers of older people.

 The Course Modules:

Module 1: Cultural awareness

Module 2: Cultural knowledge

Module 1: Cultural sensitivity

Module 1: Cultural  competence

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