Results of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) CULTURAL COMPETENCE TRAINING FOR CAREGIVERS OF OLDER PEOPLE started on 6th of May 2019 and lasted for six weeks.

A number of 297 participants joined the MOOC  on the Blackboard platform and 25 trainers and facilitators conducted the learning on the  course and graded the participants.

The participants received the attendance certificates and  got  Course achievement badges, Group contribution badges or  Leadership badges.


Meeting in Pescara , 1st -2nd of July 2019

During the last meeting, the partners have analyzed the results of the MOOC piloting and   established the measures to prepare the products of the project and publish them on the project website and EU platform, in order to optimise the value of the project results and maximise the potential of our activities, so that our project results to be used to the best possible advantage both within the partners’ organizations and beyond them.


Invitation to a free online course


We  invite you to join the course!

The course was developed under the IENE 7 project, co-funded by the European Commission. It focuses on improving communication, intercultural and social skills for migrants working as caregivers of older people in Europe.

To enroll in the course, visit

  1. Enter your email address and password
  2. Click Courses in the Dashboard menu
  3. Click on the online course “Improving Cultural Competencies for People Age Carers!

The course will last for six weeks and will contain 4 modules. A module will be released every week.

Every day, after reading the Power Point presentation, you are invited to share information with your colleagues on the discussion forum.

At the end of the week, there will be a Quiz with a few questions from that module.

In the last week, a final evaluation test will be run.

A lot of resources are available and you can do your daily work easily within 1-2 hours.

At the end of the course, certified participants will be issued on behalf of the project partners.

More information about the project and resources for the course can be found on the project website

Thank you in advance for the interest shown to our course.

The IENE7 team


National Seminar in Craiova, 25 February 2017

The event was delivered  for  36 stakeholders  Nursing schools managers , nurses, managers, experts or trainers from  organizations health care , decision-makers, governance at the regional level.

The topics of the seminars may included:

  • Presentation of the, the main results of the project , training model and  the learning platform;
  • Presentation of the MOOC and a  workshop on how to use it;
  • Discussion to exchange ideas on ways to use the project results;
  • Collect feedback for measuring the potential impact of the project’s outputs by administrating evaluation questionnaires to the participants.

Key speakers from Dloj region  School Inspectorate  and Romanian Nurses Assoc iation were invited.



Using the Learning tools   uploaded on the Slideshare channel,, an  easy to navigate Online course  was created  on the website.

The Course addresses the  foreigner and migrant caregivers of older people.

 The Course Modules:

Module 1: Cultural awareness

Module 2: Cultural knowledge

Module 1: Cultural sensitivity

Module 1: Cultural  competence

Please, go to